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We are custom and personalized
scarves manufacturer.

We specialize in high resolution soccer (football) knitted scarves. We have been on the market since 2008. Since then we have been producing scarves for Top clubs from Premier League and Bundesliga. We also had a great pleasure of producing scarves for France Football Federation for Euro Cup 2016. Moreover, you could also met our scarves on Champions League and UEFA Cup games.

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Our scarves are known in Europe as PREMIUM/LUXURY scarves. We are also the first company on the market which offers personalized (name) scarves.
After many years of cooperation with the biggest clubs in Europe, we have decided to also target smaller clubs, fanclubs, schools and all those who want to buy scarves in small quantities. Now you can even order as little as 25 scarves.
If you are interested in the highest quality product and cooperation with a manufacturer with many years of experience, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom and Personalized Scarves

Knitted, colorful custom soccer scarves in the colors of your favorite club or national football team are the basic attribute of every fan of this sport. In Europe, home to Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Pro Scarves is synonymous with high-quality fan accessories. For the football lover of any fan club, proudly displaying club colors and crests has a fundamental value. Custom knitted scarves made of certified acrylic yarn with an admixture of Lycra will survive hundreds of matches, even in the most intense season. The products come in the same sizes with the possibility of any customization in terms of design, and even adding your own label. In the "prices" tab, you can check the cost of ordering more goods, attractive discounts for wholesale quantities will allow you to save a lot of production costs.

For big European clubs and for local fan club needs

Thanks to over 10 years of experience on the European market, we have gained the reputation of a trusted brand. We started as a supplier of gadgets for a small group of fans, and over time our scarves appeared in the biggest football stadiums, straight from the Premier League and Bundesliga. In terms of quality and technique, the without a second thought can be compared to the level of Leo Messi, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho. All this thanks to the difference our products make compared to the products of competitors. Expressive colors that are the pride of football fans, soft finish and precisely reflected designs, these are the elements that our customers appreciate the most.
Although we are perfectly recognizable as suppliers of custom football scarves and hats for the biggest European teams (clubs and national teams), we do not forget about other football lovers. We have also prepared a special offer of product personalization for fan clubs, schools, companies and individual customers. It is possible to place an order for as little as 25 pieces. Follow the transparent instruction available on the website and personalize your fan soccer scarf or hat. The offer also includes the possibility of choosing accessories with any embroidery made using computer technology. In this way, you will add even more value to your company's product.

Personalize your scarf

Pro Scarves luxury knitted scarves are the highest quality products. We meet European clothing requirements and provide accessories licensed by the largest football clubs. At the same time, the company cares about the possibility of extensive personalization, thus reaching customers from various groups. Forget about fakes and dubious quality gadgets available at promotional prices. With us, you will get attractive discounts on wholesale orders without sacrificing quality. See all the distinguishes of our soccer scarves, resistant knitwear, high resolution and precision in graphics and aesthetic finish. All this affects the final result, which is a premium product that will be appreciated by the most demanding fans.
Are you looking for a club knitted scarf supplier for your fan group? Especially for you, we have prepared an offer of product personalization. Send us a list of names of fan club members, and we will prepare one-of-a-kind accessories, a must-have for a true fan. As a manufacturer of premium scarves and hats, we guarantee our customers full satisfaction with the products made. Wear the club and national colors of your favorite team with pride! Interested in long-term cooperation? Or do you have questions about orders? Contact us, we are open to cooperation.

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