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How to display soccer scarves on a wall?

How long are soccer scarves?

Are you a proud fan of a football club? You've probably collected plenty of scarves from some important matches. Perhaps they are also collector's items from the past years? Such treasures require proper display. A scarf is not just an attribute that is taken to the stadium. Hanged in a room or a garage, it can become a unique decoration and a way to personalize the place. How to display soccer scarves on a wall? Learn a few ways to make your own exhibition.

Fix to the wall with tacks

The easiest way to display a scarf is to attach it to the wall with pins (or nails). You are free to choose in what form you will hang your trophy. You can drape it using its "flowing" soft form, or stretch it along its entire length. You can place further exhibits underneath or next to it, when you hang them vertically (an excellent solution in the stairwell).

Make a scarf board

If you care about a neat effect, instead of randomly hanging scarves, you can use a corkboard. This is a good way when you have several scarves in your collection. Each scarf can be folded in 1/3 and attached to a large board. You can hang it on the wall in the garage or your room.

Use pre-made scarf hangers

Organize your scarf collection with useful gadgets. Scarf hangers are available at most home improvement stores or online auctions. They enable organization and at the same time allow you to display colorful accessories.

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