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What are soccer scarves called?

Are you thinking about buying a scarf for a football fan? This gadget has a long and interesting history, dating back to the first matches in Britain. It is worth learning the meaning behind this symbol. What are soccer scarves called, and why are they so popular among the fandom? Read before ordering a personalized scarf.

Grandma's scarves for a fan

It is difficult to determine with great accuracy when the first scarf as an attribute of football fans appeared. One thing is certain – the origins of this fashion can be traced back to Great Britain. Based on archival photographs, it is assumed that around the 1930s, stadiums began to gain color from the characteristic striped scarves. Grandmothers, mothers and wives, perhaps out of concern for their boys during the colder days, started knitting woolen neck wraps for them. They probably did not expect that in a few decades they will become an iconic accessory for every soccer fan from around the world.

Since they were home-made, such items of clothing have gained the name of granny scarves. They combined functionality with the ability to show belonging to the fandom. During warmer days, the scarf hung loosely around the neck or was fluttered over the head.

From handmade to mass production

Today, granny scarves are no longer handmade (unless by lovers of old-school accessories). Modern machines make such gadgets based on a pattern designed on a computer. The technology allows you to make even subtle details, likenesses of footballers' faces, crests, and, of course, inscriptions.

If you want to present such a gadget to a football fan, or perhaps buy it for yourself, you don't have to wonder what soccer scarves are called. All you have to do is go to the manufacturer's website, There you will find accessories that interest you. All brand proposals are made in high resolution. In addition, as part of the order, you can get graphic designers' support in designing a custom scarf. Also check out other services offered by the company.

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