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Why are scarves popular in soccer?

Why are scarves popular in soccer?

They can be waved over the head, worn around the neck, or hung on the wall like a trophy. A scarf for a football fan is a perfect combination, like cream and strawberries at Wimbledon or a golf club and ball. It is simply a must-have for every faithful member of the fandom, regardless of age, wallet content or gender. Why are scarves popular in soccer? Let's find out.

Scarf – a symbol of support for your favorite team

There is a famous photo of a Newcastle United fan in which the man is wearing a striped scarf. A photograph taken in the 1930s is believed to represent the first fan scarf. Is it true? Maybe. In reality, however, the transition from accessories such as club-colored ribbons to knitted scarves was probably longer.

We all know that football matches are played throughout the year. Warm scarf, however, still remain in the hands of fans as the main attribute of supporting. This is because this accessory has lost its original function, i.e. clothing, and has become a symbol. Today, not only in Great Britain, but also in the USA, South America, Africa and other continents, football scarves are a universal attribute of a fan.

Personalized scarves rule!

It is worth paying attention to the way of how soccer scarves have evolved over the years. Initially, they were handmade and, depending on the skills of the grandmother or wife, consisted mainly of stripes in selected colors. However, with the popularity of football matches and the growing activity of the fandom, the work of women was taken over by machines. They made it possible to create more complex patterns, including inscriptions and crests. The material has also changed. Wool gave way to durable acrylic and sometimes even silk.

Manufacturers such as allow personalization of fan gadgets. Each fan can have a scarf with their own name and even a slogan of their choice. This is a way to stand out from the thousands of other fans watching the match at the stadium. We hope that we have answered the question of why scarves are popular in soccer.

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