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Old style Scarves

Looking for a low-cost alternative to a premium custom scarves? The oldstyle soccer scarves are a good solution for low-budget projects for which price is a priority.

Please take into account that this type of scarf is made in lower resolution than our premium scarves and the maximum number of colors we can use cannot exceed 4 colors.

Our oldstyle custom scarves are knitted using double jacquard method. The first soccer scarves were produced using this technology.

Some soccer supporters are still fans of this technology and can't imagine that a soccer scarf could look any other way.

If you are a traditionalist, this solution will appeal to you.

Some manufacturers of such scarves produce them on flat knitting machines. Unfortunately, such a solution has a huge disadvantage. Scarves from such machines have a side seam, which causes an irregular edge of the scarf, which often looks messy.

Our company for the production of oldstyle scarves uses seamless technology, thanks to which the scarves come out even and each piece is the same. Seamless technology significantly increases the quality of the product.

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